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Provision of Labor

Britewell Cleaners is considered the leading domestic and commercial cleaning service and supplier of office and residential complex cleaners in the country. We have serviced customers for some time now.

What sets us apart from the rest?

domestic and office cleaners in mombasa

As the employer, Britewell Cleaners screens staff thoroughly and does criminal record checks. We administer and pay staff wages, statutory deduction, annual leave, sick leave, workman’s compensation, and comply to union bargaining agreements.

Customers are asked to quantify the total cost of these employment benefits as well as the responsibility involved and to compare those when employing one’s own cleaner. We are confident that you will quickly ascertain that outsourcing through Britewell Cleaners is not only cost-effective, you will also avoid unplanned financial outlays’ and unpleasant labor disputes.

Our customers avoid stressful, time-consuming union meetings which can be very expensive to an employer if unfair dismissal is proven. Most of the time the latter is indeed the case as laymen are unaware of the intricacies of labor laws.The scales of justice in Kenya tilt heavily in favor of the employee.

By hiring a cleaner through Britewell Cleaners as opposed to employing yourself, the company will supply a replacement cleaner immediately if you are in any way dissatisfied with your assigned cleaner’s performance, a luxury not available if you were the employer, as three warnings for the same “offence” within six months are required for a fair dismissal.

At Britewell Cleaners no one gets dismissed without a fair enquiry and our staff turnover is minimal. We register new customers daily and our employee will be reassigned and most likely be more productive in a new job.

If you are looking for a competitive quote, your home needs a SPRING CLEAN, you wish to hire a CASUAL DOMESTIC WORKER or just someone to IRON on a once-off or permanent basis, or you require an OFFICE or CORPORATE COMPLEX CLEANER or even a GARDENER, call us or fill in the form on the right.