Other Services


Carpentry Wood Works

Britewell Cleaners also provide joinery services such as making of wooden furniture and Remodeling, reforming your old wood items to give them a restored look or even remodel them into an amazingly new and unique piece of furniture for homes & offices.


Electricals Works

Britewell’s facility management undertakes all the essential electrical and household mechanical works and is the only facility management entity to also provide electrical maintenance contracts, which are specially designed and specifically dedicated for the houses and offices etc..


Plumber Works

Britewell’s piping and plumbing services offer plumbing contracts on a semi-annual, annual and a bi-annual basis along with home insulation services. Our premier piping services provides customers with plumbing and piping services in pex, copper and PVC and also take care of roofing and drainage systems.


condition Installation & Maintenance

At Britewell, we understand that after years of performance, even the best air conditioners and central air conditioning systems require repairs and maintaining and hence we came up with a complete solution to your Air conditioner repair maintenance and HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) requirements.


Pest Control

Britewell’s pest management services offer excellent services in getting your house, office and industrial zone be free from pests and insects. Our technically sound teams of pest control professionals offer services that are eco -friendly and ensure that the pest problem is eradicated from the root.


Painting Works

Britewell’s painting services provide quality painting services for homes and commercial properties. We offer a comprehensive home and office -painting support at all dimensions our painting professionals are seasoned experts and are trustworthy in execution of the contract undertaken. They take care of the size and scale of the project and execute effectively.


Garden Services

Britewell Cleaners has extensive experience and expertise in the garden development and maintenance services. Britewell works full time in the business and provides the following services to individual and corporate clients.

  • Garden planning and design service.
  • Garden / ‘Green area’ – construction, landscaping & planting service.
  • Lawn cutting.
  • Border and bed maintenance.
  • Trimming / pruning of plants, hedges, trees.
  • Removal of clippings etc.
  • Special features; water, decking, outdoor architectural features etc.