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Liquid Waste Management

Liquid waste include sewage, oil spill, storm water and threatened contamination of coastal and freshwater systems which includes:

a) Grease Reduction System

Grease build-up in sewer collection systems, drain lines, grease traps, lagoon systems and leach fields has always been a problem for wastewater professionals. Grease deposits have traditionally been removed mechanically, or with enzymes and degreasers. While effective, these methods all have drawbacks. Mechanical removal is both expensive and labor intensive. Enzymes have generally proven too expensive to be used at effective doses. And while degreasers remove the deposits from the treatment site, the grease simply resolidifies at a point further downstream.

Britewell Cleaners uses BIOSAFE to digest and solubilize grease to reduce it to liquid and carbon dioxide.

b) Septic Tank Systems

Necessary Conditions for Treatment:
i. Pipes and lines leading to the tank. the distribution box or the leach field are clogged.
ii. The leach field and/or septic tank have standing water on the surface of the ground above them.
iii. Odors of raw sewage or decomposition are prevalent around the septic tank or the leach field.
iv. The entire system backs up whenever a toilet is flushed, the clothes washer is operated. or the dishwasher and sink are emptied .

Britewell uses BIOSOL to digest and solubilize sewage waste to reduce to liquid and carbon dioxide.

Expected Results:
i. Pipes and lines will open and run freely. Grease and fat accumulation will be removed.
ii. Puddling over tank and leach field will cease. The system will flow normally.
iii. Odors of raw sewage and the anaerobic decomposition of waste around the tank, the lines, the distribution box and the leach field will disappear.
iv. The entire system will flow normally and allow utilization of household equipment.

c) Oil Spill Cleaning and Treatment Services

Residential, commercial and industrial oil spill and effluent discharging into oceans, lakes, rivers and lagoons can interfere or kill aquatic life.
Britewell mitigates the negative effect by using:

  • SEASOL, to dissolve and clear oil spills at sea and oceans.
  • SEASOL XTRA, to dissolve and clear oil spills and effluent at lakes, rivers and lagoons.